Joseph P. Duggan. 2011. The Zuckerberg Galaxy. Pennylesse on Kindle

Marshall McLuhan for the 21st century

Joseph P. Duggan. 2011. Give Paz a Chance. Pennylesse on Kindle

Give Duggan a Chance


David Cochran. 2012. Bootstrap Web Development How-To. PacktLib on Kindle

How to cook up your own Bootstrap site (now outdated with the arrival of Boostrap3)

Eric A. Meyer. 2012. CSS and Documents. O'Reilly. Free on Kindle

A free guide for everyone

Kyle Simpson. 2012. HTML5 and JavaScript. O'Reilly. Free on Kindle.

A perfect appetizer


Paul Ormerod. 2012. Positive Linking: How networks can revolutionise the world. Faber. $12 on Kindle

A book to save economics


Jane F. Gilgun. The Logic of Murderous Rampages and Other Essays on Violence and its Prevention. (Kindle Edition, 342 pp, $6.43)

Finding the courage to listen to monsters


Complete Works of Joseph Conrad (Illustrated), Delphi Classics, 2011. 5861 pages [Kindle Edition, $2.62]

Frankly, all you may need of Conrad

Complete Works of Ford Madox Ford (Illustrated), Delphi Classics, 2012. 14093Kb [Kindle Edition, $4.30]

A long way from complete

Complete Works of John Keats. (Illustrated), Delphi Poets Series. 2012. Kindle Edition $1.94

A marvellous edition of Keats