Heidi yodels Vivaldi

Under its 29-year-old conductor, Vincent Métrailler, l'Orchestre Valaisan Amateur (OVA)has made a speciality of mixing classic and unusual contemporary music for its (unfortunately) rare public performances. Review

Leuk 2016: A 10-year spectacle of sound

Yet another spectacular programme. Review

Tibetan peace warrior turns to pop

Not as weird as that sounds. Story

Songs for swinging singers, literally

Pendulum choir: the showstopper of the Leuk 2016 new music festival. Report

Leuk 2013: Celebrating the end of the tune

Leuk's annual festival showed what you can do in music without tunes. Review

Leuk 2014: Now, the end of the instrument?

This was the festival with 100 premieres.Review

Leuk 2015: The collapse of the concert hall

I just had to use this title, right? But it was the year of Stockhausen's Helicopter Quartet

Ninja Jazz

A Zen philosopher plays jazz. Review

Give it away now, Swiss style

Plaistow gave its music away free to build up a following for its post-modern music. Review