Reviews for Amazon

I believe reviews for Amazon deserve as much care as more academic pieces. Your audience may be different but your standards should be the same.


Joseph P. Duggan. 2011. The Zuckerberg Galaxy. Pennylesse on Kindle

Marshall McLuhan for the 21st century

Joseph P. Duggan. 2011. Give Paz a Chance. Pennylesse on Kindle


Give Duggan a Chance


David Cochran. 2012. Bootstrap Web Development How-To. PacktLib on Kindle

How to cook up your own Bootstrap site

Eric A. Meyer. 2012. CSS and Documents. O'Reilly. Free on Kindle

A free guide for everyone

Kyle Simpson. 2012. HTML5 and JavaScript. O'Reilly. Free on Kindle.

A perfect appetizer


Paul Ormerod. 2012. Positive Linking: How networks can revolutionise the world. Faber. $12 on Kindle

A book to save economics


Jane F. Gilgun. The Logic of Murderous Rampages and Other Essays on Violence and its Prevention. (Kindle Edition, 342 pp, $6.43)

Finding the courage to listen to monsters


Complete Works of Joseph Conrad (Illustrated), Delphi Classics, 2011. 5861 pages [Kindle Edition, $2.62]

Frankly, all you may need of Conrad

Complete Works of Ford Madox Ford (Illustrated), Delphi Classics, 2012. 14093Kb [Kindle Edition, $4.30]

A long way from complete

Complete Works of John Keats. (Illustrated), Delphi Poets Series. 2012. Kindle Edition $1.94

A marvellous edition of Keats